When Is A good Time to sell my home? 

It is currently a sellers market.  This means there are more buyers looking for a property than there are properties available to buy.  This creates a higher selling price and a better opportunity to make money off of your initial investment.  Nashville has sometimes been seeing multiple offer scenarios and fast selling times.


Buyers and Sellers are all on their own time frames but Spring is when people think is the busiest time for real estate.  While this is true, Summer and Fall are also quite busy.  By the time Fall hits, buyers are looking to be settled into their new home before the holidays hit.  The winter season is not completely out of the question either.  Buyers love seeing homes decorated for the holidays and it gives a more comfortable feeling when they are touring a home.  Because Tennessee winters are not that bad, it is still just fine to move in the winter months and be settled in for Spring.


Overall in the Nashville market, there is not a bad time to sell your home!  Remember to spend a few weeks or months preparing your home for buyers to come through and critique it.

Buying and Selling in Music City 

What do I need to know about mortgages? 

The best person to answer this question is a qualified Mortgage Lender, but here is some general info.  In the home buying process, you need to be pre-qualified by a Mortgage Lender to see what price range you are approved to buy in.  This price range takes into account many different aspects of your life, including job stability, credit rating, debt to income ratio, etc.  These items will also determine what your interest rate will be.  Interest rates change a little bit every day, but right now they are about the lowest I have ever seen them!  Just last week they went down by over a quarter point, dipping below 4%.  A Mortgage Lender will typically lock in your interest rate for a period of time and will allow for a one time float down during that time.  For example, if you lock in a 4.25% rate and rates decrease to 3.9%, you can lock in the lower rate one time during the process.


Included in your monthly bill will be the principle investment (cost of the house), interest, property taxes, and property insurance.  The mortgage company will hold the tax and insurance money in a separate escrow account and will pay these annual bills on your behalf.


The best way to calculate how much your monthly mortgage payment would be is to google "free mortgage calculator".  The mortgage calculator will allow you to insert the cost of the property (along with other information) and will give you a general idea of what you bill would be.  Of course, only the actual lender can give you the exact amount you will owe.

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