Nashville Neighborhoods

12th South

Mostly craftsman style single family homes with young professionals or young families.  Sevier park is definitely a highlight for outdoor gatherings.  Trendy restaurants and shops line the main strip where pedestrians are a plenty.  Quaint but fun feel.


East Nashville 

A mix of new builds, ranch homes, and craftsman style homes.  Five points is essentially the center but there are many other blocks where restaurants and shops are popping up.  Many of the commercial spaces are converted houses that boast amazing food, unique decor, and great outdoor spaces.  A community full of musicians of all ages, students, and young professionals.


An up and coming area full of brick ranch style homes.  This area is close to the airport and Opryland, is affordable, and is beginning to attract people and families of all kinds.  It is now known as "hip" Donelson.  I imagine it's just a matter of time before the great restaurants and shops catch on to this area.


Also a suburban feel a little further outside the city.  This area has many apartment complexes, condos, and single family homes.  It is less than a 30 minute drive to Vanderbilt and is affordable for a nice home.  This area caters to all ages and all stages of life.

The Gulch

Condo living at it's finest.  Close to downtown and among the hustle and bustle, but in it's own trendy niche. Great mix of mid-range to upscale restaurants and shops. Most of the condos have luxury amenities and attract young professionals.


In an area considered Midtown, this caters to students (of course) but also professors, doctors, families, etc.  A fast paced area with single family homes, luxury apartment buildings, and campus dorms.  A good amount of chain restaurants, bars, football games, and hospital action.  There are some quieter streets in the area as well.

Belle Meade

A more suburban feel with families and retirees.  A more expensive area of town with well kept yards and large homes. Taxes are higher but come with piece of mind as this area has their own Police force in addition to Metro Police.



The newest, popular place for young professionals to live.  It is still up and coming with lots of construction but is making it's name with restaurants, condo converted warehouses, and single family homes. Close to the farmers market and the North side of the Capital and Centennial Park. Some blocks are still run down while the