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Berry Hill

Nashville's Smallest Satellite City

Four miles south of downtown Nashville, cradled by I-65 and I-440, the city of Berry Hill is a one square mile community is Nashville's smallest satellite city. Berry Hill has a mayor, town hall, and police as a satellite city. With 484 residents and 457 businesses, Berry Hill has nearly as many companies as residents.


In 1950 the 1,200 residents of Berry Hill voted to incorporate as a city. In 1963 the city of Nashville and Davidson County merged and formed a consolidated government, making Berry Hill a part of Nashville as a Satellite City. In 1970 the city of Berry Hill was zoned as a commercial area.  Instead of building retail space, many residential homes became commercial spaces. To this day, many Berry Hill businesses operate from former residential properties. While Berry Hill houses a great deal of commercial retail at 100 Oaks, including a Home Depot, TJ Maxx, and the area's only Guitar Center, Berry Hill is known for its less traditional commercial spaces. 


After the city commercially rezoned Berry Hill, the quaint residences that in the 1940s served as homes for the Berry Field Air National Guard Base became restaurants, quirky shops, creative offices, and recording studios. The cluster of often unmarked studios and music businesses housed in homes and slyly tucked behind formerly residential properties along Iris Drive, Azaela Drive, and Bransford ave; are often called Music Hill. Beginning in the 1970s, many music companies began flocking to Berry Hill to get away from the traffic of Music Row and find a private place to work. Roughly 40 of the companies in Berry Hill are music businesses, and many more are media companies. 


Berry Hill's Music Hill area is home to a variety of casual restaurants, the kinds of creative places where you can get a bite with co-corkers or spend some serious time decompressing after a long day creating. The Sunflower Café is one of Nashville's most beloved vegan restaurants. Brother's Burger Joint offers locally sourced and creative burgers. Calypso Café serves health-conscious items. The Pfunky Griddle allows guests to be cooks by serving breakfast ingredients guests may cook themselves on tableside griddles. Nashville Jam Company serves up a homey southern breakfast and lunch. Those looking to stay caffeinated in Music Hill should check out Sam & Zoe's for a locally roasted brew. After a long day in the studio or just checking out Music Hill, look no further than Big Machine Distillery for after-work cocktails. This Music City Distillery and Tavern hosts trivia, poker nights, and live music. 


On the edge of Berry Hill is the Melrose District. The Melrose District not only has several fabulous restaurants like Mangia Nashville and Sinema, but with The Suttler, M.L. Rose, and Melrose Billiards; the Melrose District houses much of the nightlife for Berry Hill. 


If you are looking for a memorable night out and a chance to bond with friends or coworkers over a challenge, Berry Hill's The Escape Game is for you. During an escape game, guests are locked in a puzzle room.  They must work with their team to use clues to solve puzzles in the room and ultimately escape before the clock runs out. 


Berry Hill has many artistic businesses, including The Beaded Bungalow, which sells premium beading supplies and offers classes. Berry Hill is also home to The Candle Bar. The Candle Bar sells premium Paddy Wax candles and offers events where guests can enjoy cocktails with their friends while pouring their own custom candles.  


With so much art and music around, it's no surprise that Berry Hill is also home to many home design businesses. The area around Sidco Drive is often called "The Design District," because many building material suppliers, design suppliers, home furnishing, and home décor stores are located there. While many businesses like Designers Gallery are exclusively for trade professionals, places like Southeastern Salvage sell everything from unique doors and flooring to globally sourced and unique furnishings. Berry Hill is home to many unique shops like The Wreath Stand, which carries home décor and gifts with a sophisticated and minimalist southern farmhouse flare.  


While there are blocks of Berry Hill that are walkable, Berry Hill is one of Nashville's least walkable neighborhoods. Berry Hill is conveniently located close to the heart of Music City. Berry Hill is an excellent location for anyone who has a commute into Nashville or to the south of Nashville. While there are very few residential properties available for sale in Berry Hill, many residents of Crieve Hall, Oak Hill, Woodbine, and parts of Green Hills consider the city of Berry Hill to be part of their neighborhood because it's so close. 


For help finding your perfect home in or near Berry Hill, or for help finding your perfect Music City Nest, contact Erin Gillespie today.

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