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Hillsboro Village

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Hillsboro Village


Three miles west of downtown Nashville, Hillsboro Village is one of Nashville’s most established communities. Originally Hillsboro Village was part of the Belmont Estate owned by Adelicia Acklen. In 1890 the land began to be subdivided. In 1901, The Belmont Land Company built a streetcar line connecting the Hillsboro/Belmont area to downtown. Through the early 1900s, Hillsboro became a streetcar suburb of Nashville. Grocery stores, pet stores, gas stations, and bakeries were opened up along 21st avenue as Hillsboro Village became a picture of early 20th century American middle-class life.


Hillsboro has gone through many evolutions; however, the established roots of this neighborhood are visible in the many historical buildings and the variety of architectural styles present. Hillsboro Village has an aesthetic that is both eclectic and timeless. No single style of architecture dominates the area. There are cottages, bungalows, American foursquares, Tudors, and contemporary homes. In addition to the residential architecture, 21st Ave has also gone through many incarnations. The once utilitarian businesses have given rise to bars, coffee shops, boutiques, clubs, and the Belcourt Theater. 21st Avenue connects the neighborhood to I440 and Hillsboro Pike, making Hillsboro an extremely convenient location for easy access to the city. 


With a population of around 20,000, home prices in Hillsboro Village can vary. Condominiums start around $400,000, whereas single-family homes start around $750,000 and can be well above $1,000,000 as there are various types and sizes of homes in this area. 


Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt Medical Center, and Belmont University border Hillsboro Village, and the overlap of university staff and students contribute to the vibrance of this community. Hillsboro Village has a lively art scene for music, film, and visual arts. Nashville Arts holds monthly art walks in Hillsboro Village. 


Hillsboro Village is also home to the historic Belcourt Theater. The Belcourt Theater originally opened as a silent movie theater in 1925 as the Hillsboro Theater and was home to the Grand Ole Opry from 1934-1936. In 2015 the Belcourt Theater underwent a massive renovation. The Belcourt Theater is still alive and thriving as a non-profit independent movie theater. This unique theater attracts 190,000 visitors annually from all over the world and hosts many events. 


Former pet shop turned coffee shop, Fido, is a Hillsboro Village landmark. Fido has an artsy industrial vibe with large meeting tables, booths, and ample space for people to eat or spend their days working and creating. Fido serves a surprisingly sophisticated menu of scratch-crafted food in addition to organic coffee, baked goods, beer, and wine. The food and the atmosphere make Fido a popular local home base. 


Nearly every morning on the corner of 21st Ave and Belcourt Ave, there is a line around the block waiting to get into the Nashville staple, The Pancake Pantry. Founded in 1961, The Pancake Pantry is a down-home breakfast spot with a menu focused on various specialty pancakes and syrups.

Foodies in Hillsboro village have many options for dining close by, from Hopdaddy Burger Bar and Ruby Sunshine, to Double Dogs and Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen.


The Villager Tavern has been a local watering hole and Nashville’s original dart bar since 1971. This historic location was originally the entrance to the Belcourt Theater. The beer is cheap, and the darts are free. Locals can come to hang out or join a dart league. 

As an added bonus, Fannie Mae Dee's Park, also known as Dragon Park, offers open green space, a playground, tennis courts, and picnic areas.


For those looking to live in a vibrant collage-influenced community filled with artists, unpretentious dining options, and a semi-urban feel, Hillsboro Village is a great neighborhood to call home. Do you need help finding your perfect Music City Nest? For help relocating to Nashville, or relocating IN Nashville, contact Erin Gillespie today. 

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