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Lockland Springs

Independent Suburban Living 

Two miles northeast of downtown Nashville, Lockland Springs is one of East Nashville's most desirable communities. This unique community has many beautiful historic homes ranging from $650,000 to $1,000,000 and above. 5 points and Shelby Golf Course border Lockland Springs giving the residents access to ample green space, and an urban scene. Thanks to the neighborhood’s grid streets, Lockland Springs is exceptionally walkable and bicycle-friendly. 


In 1786 Lockland Springs was gifted by the state of North Carolina to Daniel Williams as compensation for his service in the Revolutionary War. The first house in the area is still standing at the Lockland School. During the 19th century, Nashville's elite developed Lockland Springs into country estates. In 1890, the introduction of the electric car rail and the construction of the woodland street bridge connected the area to the city, and Lockland Springs developed into an electric rail car neighborhood. The architecture in the area is reflective of the rich history, and the community is home to many historic homes, including turn of the century Victorian homes, Queen Anne cottages, and 1920s Bungalows. 


Recently Q Prime South, a boutique artist management company, acquired a historic East Nashville church at 1700 Fatherland St. Centric Architecture and McKeithan Design completed a multi-million dollar renovation converting the building into a breathtakingly beautiful office space and showcase venue.


Lockland Springs offers the amenities of a large city coupled with the southern hospitality and comfort of a small town. While residents can own single-family properties on private lots, they are close to green space, a diverse cultural scene, lively restaurants, community events, and walkable retail and commercial space. However, unlike most suburban communities, you will not find commercial areas filled with large box stores and chain restaurants. In Lockland Springs, you will find many independent restaurants and small businesses that enrich this community.


Nestled in Lockland Springs is the Fatherland District. This collection of roughly two dozen shops, restaurants, and businesses features local artisanal and handcrafted goods, independent retailers, and local restaurants. At the Shoppes on Fatherland, Shoppers can find goods for their four-legged friends at Baxter Bailey & Company, buy tea and coffee at International Tea and Coffee Company or find unique gifts and items at Abode Mercantile. When Shoppers have worked up an appetite, they can grab vegan cuisine at Wild Cow, Sushi at Maru Sushi & Grill, or Vietnamese food at Far East Nashville. This charming and quaint area is an exceptional place to spend a day shopping and dining.


Lockland Springs is also home to the renowned Lockland Table. At Lockland table, Chef Holden-Bache serves southern classics and wood-fired pizzas in an intimate and casual setting. Walk Eat East Nashville tours take patrons for tastings at four restaurants while visiting local sites. Walk Eat Nashville tours frequently feature Lockland Springs and 5 points restaurants because of their proximity. Lockland Springs residents can take a short bike ride or walk to the many bars and restaurants at 5 points. Click here to read more about 5 Points. 


Lockland Springs is bordered by Shelby Bottoms Park. When including the Shelby Bottom Natural Area, the space includes 1200 acres located along the Cumberland River. The park offers a dog park, nature trails, fishing on Sevier Lake, a golf course, river access, cycling trails, tennis, baseball, a nature center, and wildlife viewing.


Lockland Springs offers an independent suburban life. Residents of Lockland Springs have access to green space and private yards while still having the diverse cultural scene of a larger city. Residents looking for independent dining, local shops, an artistic community, and space around them will find themselves at home in Lockland Springs. Are you considering moving to Nashville? For help finding your perfect Lockland Springs home or your perfect Music City Nest, contact Erin Gillespie today.

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